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Changshu Sitong Electric Heating Equipment Co.Ltd was founded in 1997, focusing on the R & D and the production of heating elements and temperature control equipment.

The factory is located in Zhongguan Road, Zhouhang Town, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province. We produce high-quality heating elements including a large number of standard elements used for inventory reserves and many of special shaped heating elements adapted to personalized heating demand in plastic processing industry, packaging industry, die-casting industry and so on. Based on long-term thorough researches and repeated trials on conventional-type heaters, series of new products have emerged as the time requires and introduced to the market along with the series of flexible heaters and nozzle heaters. Meanwhile, Sitong Company is also committed to solving customers’ specific heating schemes. As an engineering service provider, Sitong helps customers design and optimize heating schemes which can promote the perfection of customers’ heating schemes and heating effect. Sitong Electric Heating keeps up with the times. We provide a range of innovative products as well as personalized technical services to strengthen customers’ own core competitive advantages.

Sitong has never stopped the pace of innovation and will continue in search of new horizons!









Address: Zhouhangtown, Changshu city, Jiangsu province, China




Changshu Sitong Electric Heating Co. Ltd